Project Info

Client LIDL (2013)
Skills Licensing Project and Execution of Electrical Installations, Telecommunications and Fire Risk Safety

Project Description

A huge challenge, where it was intended that the new premises of the headquarters of LIDL, planned for about 400 jobs in an area of approximately 80,000 m2, were as energy-efficient as possible. All lighting was planned with LED technology and dimensioned for the visual comfort of the users, always balanced with the contribution made by all the natural light, thanks to the possibilities offered by the building design, which privileged access of natural light to all its spaces. Thus, the command of the lighting of each room has been designed using the detectors of presence, which only switch-on the circuit in the presence of users, associated with light meters that regulate the intensity of artificial light according to natural light, optimizing the energy consumed. The same detectors associated to window’s contacts also control the operation of the air conditioner, allowing these devices to be turned off in the absence of persons or in the case of window opening. Given the existence of an important Data Center, it has been designed several power redundancy circuits, supported by two generators and several UPS, whether centralized or localized.